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Young Artist Competition 2019

Dear Music Educators and Students:

The Genesee Symphony Orchestra is excited about sponsoring its eleventh annual Young Artist Competition, which will be open to all music students, vocal and instrumental in Grades 8-11.  The Orchestra is hoping to provide the opportunity for a high school-age student to perform with the Genesee Symphony Orchestra in its 2019-2020 concert season.  The Music Director/Conductor and adjudication panel will make the final decision on whether or not the top performer will be of the caliber to perform with the orchestra.  The winner, his or her teacher, and the conductor will then select the piece that will be performed at the concert.

Below is a list of pertinent information needed for those wishing to compete:

  1. Student must currently be enrolled in grades 8-11.
  2. Student must perform a NYSSMA Solo Level V or VI and consider trying-out on the selection to be performed with the Orchestra.
  3. There will be a non-refundable $10 fee.
  4. The Competition will take place in the morning of Saturday, April 13th at the First Presbyterian Church, 300 Main Street, Batavia, NY 14020
  5. Students must provide their own accompanist.  A piano will be provided.
  6. Soloists will be limited to a 15-minute time frame.

Applications must be received by Monday, April 1, 2019.

Send applications to Katharine Wilson at the address below or on the application form.

Genesee Symphony Orchestra

℅ Katharine Wilson (

4375 Holley Byron Rd

Holley, NY 14470


Genesee Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition

Please print legibly in ink.


Date of Birth______________________________________________

Phone #_________________________________________________



Parent/Guardian______________________________Phone #___________________


School that you attend__________________________________________________

Grade in school___________________

Please indicate:  voice________________; or what instrument____________________

Number of years of musical study_________

Current Music Teacher-public/private_______________________________________


List any musical ensembles with which you have performed.


List complete title of the piece you are prepared to perform at the competition. (Opus number, movement, etc.)


List complete name of the composer.________________________________________

Do you understand that you must provide your audition accompanist?_______ (Yes/No)

List on the back or attach any pertinent facts you believe may be of interest.

Candidate’s Signature_________________________________

Return this application, signed, with nonrefundable $10 to:

GSO Young Artist Competition

Katharine Wilson

4375 Holley Byron Rd

Holley, NY 14470  

Make checks payable to Genesee Symphony Orchestra or GSO

String Workshop

The GSO reaches out to string students in our region through String Workshop. The workshop will be held Saturday, March 30, 2019 at the First Presbyterian Church, Batavia. Our GSO conductor and cellist Mr. Shade Zajac will direct the workshop. Area string teachers receive selections of music for levels 3 or 4 and assist their string students in learning the music. Students come together at the workshop as an ensemble, working with Maestro Zajac. Students will play the pieces from the workshop with the GSO during the May 5th concert. The GSO String Workshop is sponsored by the Bank of Castile. 

Endowment Fund
An Endowment Fund was set up in the year of the orchestra’s 50th anniversary.  The opportunity to take part in this endowment is available to supporters, businesses, and members, to help ensure the orchestra will continue to perform. Show your support for the GSO by adding to this endowment. Continuing contributions may be made at any time, in any amount, by mailing to GSO, PO Box 391, Batavia, NY 14021.

Income earned from the endowment may be used for the general purpose of the orchestra as determined by the Board of Directors.  The symphony is a 501(c) (3) organization for tax purposes, and contributions to the endowment are deductible for income and gift tax purposes.

Friends of the Orchestra
Friends of the Orchestra is a group of orchestra patrons who assist the GSO Board members at concert performances. This network of friends may be asked to usher at concerts or supply cookies to be served at concert receptions. Our GSO Board works very hard in supporting our orchestra members in every way. Friends of the Orchestra will be an expanded network supporting the board. Please show your support by giving your name to any GSO Board member to become a Friend of the Orchestra. 

Adopt a Chair
This is an exciting program affording the participant a first-hand experience with the orchestra. For $35.00, you may “adopt” a musician of the orchestra. You choose your favorite instrument and sit in that section during the dress rehearsal, for a “behind the scenes” experience in which you will see and hear an orchestra work.
Contact GSO Board Member Helen Parkins at to arrange your Adopt-a-Chair experience.