GSO Music Director Search Continues

With the performance of our April concert, all Music Director candidates have had the opportunity to showcase their talents for the GSO and the community at large. Each candidate’s development of programming, interaction with the orchestra, engagement with the audience, and collaboration with the Board of Directors will be considered as the selection process moves forward.

The Music Directorship is a multifaceted position, and the GSO Board is interested in obtaining input from a variety of sources. Audience and orchestra members have been encouraged to submit surveys after each concert with their impressions of each candidate.   Survey results are being compiled and will be shared with the Board.

Initially, a selection committee consisting of board members and orchestra musicians interviewed and chose our candidates. This same committee has been tasked with reviewing and weighing each candidate’s qualifications and performance, after which the committee will make a recommendation to the Board. Upon review of the selection committee’s recommendation and careful consideration of survey results, the Board will make the final decision as to which candidate will be offered the Music Directorship of the GSO. The Board expects to have a decision by the end of May. Once our offer of the Music Directorship has been accepted, a pubic announcement will be made.

All of our candidates have brought talent and musical knowledge to the podium. It has been a pleasure working with each of them. The GSO appreciates their hard work, which has produced an exciting season of concerts for our audience. As we enter the final stages of the selection process, we look forward to working with our new maestro for years to come!